FreshGrade implements similar communication tools to ClassDojo, so having familiarity with one tool can give you a head start in using the other. FreshGrade is becoming increasingly popular in our local school district as a student portfolio used for assessment and reporting.


Student portfolios are such a great feature of FreshGrade as they allow teachers to keep all student information in one place. The program is available on mobile and tablet devices, allowing teachers to record student work through picture, audio and video. Assessment is then made streamlined as teachers can make “quick notes” to give brief, formative comments to students to which parents have access. This aligns with SD68’s priority to give parents ongoing communication of their child’s learning, as well as gives students an opportunity to self-reflect, an assessment tool highlighted in BC’s new curriculum.


FreshGrade also makes reporting alongside BC’s new curriculum simpler, as it has region-specific learning standards listed on the program to which you can assess your students. A teacher can create their own assessment tool to comment on, or they can choose from different methods already set up in FreshGrade. All assessment types are kept in the online Gradebook, which individually attaches all feedback to each student’s portfolio. Imagine the paperwork you would save!

In addition to parents being able to see their child’s work, they can also view the feedback you give, and are able to comment on any item they wish. An in-app chat feature is included, allowing you to respond to questions or concerns they may have right there.

One of my colleagues is doing her inquiry project on FreshGrade, so if you are interested in setting up an account or learning more about it, you can visit her blog at Jessica goes into more depth about it, but you can sign up with your own account at their website,


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