Flippity is one I have been waiting to write about because it has SO many features, I couldn’t choose which ones to include. It’s a Google Chrome add on which embeds itself in Google Sheets and turns pre-made templates into games, flashcards and other tools.

In my opinion, the coolest Flippity feature is Flippity Spelling Words, a program highlighted to us by the Google team that came to our Pro-D. It is used to differentiate your spelling tests and give you more valuable instructional time to work with students who need more one-on-one support. Out of all the features Flippity has, I’ll take the time to go over this one because I think it’s the most important one for teachers to be able to implement.

The first step is installing the Flippity add on for Google Chrome, available in the Chrome Store here. Then, go to www.flippity.net and go to the spelling words template. From there, you can copy the template to create/edit spelling lists for each of your students. This is what it looks like in editing mode:

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 5.01.03 PM

The sentences you see in quotation marks are the example sentences you would like the program to read to the student. This feature is optional. After editing the lists for each student, you need to publish your spreadsheet so the Flippity Spelling site can access the data inside. Start by going to File > Publish to the web…


Then, make sure it is set to publish the entire document (you don’t want only some of your students’ lists to transfer over, do you?)

Flippity 2

Once the document is published, click on “Get the Link Here”

Flippity 3

Voila! Your spelling list is all set up!

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 5.12.52 PM

Click on your link to test it out. This is the link your students would go to in order to do their test. This is what they would see:

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 5.17.47 PM.png

From there, they would simply select their name to get their word list. As seen below in Elmo’s list, students can see their words, practice them with corrections given, then do the test when they are ready. No exclusion whatsoever, no embarrassment about being in the lower spelling group or having “too easy” of words – it’s all individualized right on their own screen!

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 5.23.09 PM.png

In our workshop, one teacher raised the possibility of students just being able to click on somebody else’s name to see their words, but the presenters had never found that encounter in all of their time using it. Student’s have enough work to do on their own – they don’t have time to waste looking at their peer’s lists 🙂

So there you have it- Flippity Spelling. The only other template I have played around with so far is Flippity Quiz Show (their version of Jeopardy) which worked very well. As mentioned previously, all templates are pre-made so you simply go to the link of your desired program and adjust the wording to suit the needs of your lesson. I imagine you would have to go through the Publish step for the other templates as well, but it would be the same process as outlined above.

The full range of Flippity templates is available on their website, www.flippity.net.

If you’d like to play around with Flippity from a student’s perspective, you are welcome to use my sample class here, borrowed directly from the Flippity Spelling template.


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